Spawn by Bees Beside Pillager Outpost [1.15]

Minecraft Bee Seed

Seed Code:1279201461
Minecraft:Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.15.1


In this Minecraft Bee Seed for Java Edition the game spawn point is beside both a bee nest and a pillager outpost. The bees are far less of a problem than the pillagers that will take you one soon after spawn, so be aware of that before plugging the seed in.

Beyond the buzzing bees and attacking pillagers, it’s a nice coastal plains biome site to start at. The plains provide a nice flatland spacer to build on, and there’s plenty of resources, too. For Minecraft 1.15 and higher.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Pillager Outpost, Bees, Plains and Icebergs
The pillager outpost beside the bees on the plains biome at spawn.
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2 Replies to “Spawn by Bees Beside Pillager Outpost [1.15]”

  1. if you want to avoid getting stung then put a campfire under the hive
    plus you can also start a bee farm put flowers to keep them around the hive

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