Spawn Inside an Igloo in a Snow Village [1.15]

Minecraft Igloo Seed

Seed Code:1081348070
Minecraft:Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.15


Okay. We didn’t think this was possible, or at least we have never seen this before. We typed in the seed ‘MATEFUSE’ (or you can use the seed number which is 1081348070) and we spawned inside an igloo. New to us.

We tried the seed on 1.15.1 on both a PC and a Mac and both times the spawn as inside the igloo. If you give it a shot, let us know if you also spawned inside in the comments below. Thanks!

The igloo is in snow village, too. Taking a trip outside and looking around, it’s a snow-covered world as far as we could see.


Snow Village Seed
The igloo is within this snow village. Minecraft 1.15 seed.
Igloo and Villager
The igloo we spawned in and the villager who was annoyed with us.
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12 Replies to “Spawn Inside an Igloo in a Snow Village [1.15]”

  1. Heya. First time I am responding on a seed but I absolutely loved this seed. I did spawn inside the igloo, however there is a huge mine directly under the village. I play on PC and always had the big pit just off from the igloos. When I was exploring down there I found the mine. In addition to it being there, I found 2 cave spider spawners literally 3 spaces from each other, on the same y axis.

      1. Looking into the pit at -12 71 -15. Make your way into the pit to -11 53 -13 facing south. I found it by digging the coal at 4 54 6. Once inside it first intersection look down and you will see those spawners.

        1. On top of the mine I have also found in 3 different games on the same seed a Fortune III book in the chest at or around 2 41 25. I have only made 3 games on the same seed. First two were on different computers, then as a seed to test the coordinates for the mine in the previous comment.

  2. would it be possible for someone to let me know what are the coordinates when u spawn 😮 i accidentally lost my base lmao please help

  3. Yooooo there are 2 ocean monuments in the ocean if you follow the trasure map found in the seaside if you keep going after you pass the pillager tower. The ocean monuments are 200 blocks away from each other its incredible

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