Spawn in a Roofed Forest Staring at a Mansion

Minecraft Mansion Seed

Seed: throwlow
Seed Code: 1483524782
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.12


Spawn behind a woodland mansion in this Minecraft seed. After world render you’ll be in a densely packed roofed forest biome. The massive woodland mansion is right in front of you. Looking around it’s roofed forest in all directions (large mushrooms and trees packed together). Bordering biomes are plains and there are rivers and ocean visible, but not close and definitely not visible from spawn. Want more? Check out more of our Minecraft Seeds!

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Woodland Mansion Roofed Forest
The view of the woodland mansion from the roofed forest biome spawn.
User Rating 3.37 (280 votes)

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93 Replies to “Spawn in a Roofed Forest Staring at a Mansion”

        1. I tried this seed on Xbox One, and clicked on amplified world.
          I ended up getting 3 woodland mansions. And one of them has 2 secret rooms, and another one has a secret to with lava encased in glass.

      1. yes the same thing happened to me 3 times, except it would happen just a little bit after i spawned or if i went near it, and i just couldn’t put the fire out.

        1. This is absolute garbage. Original poster neglected to say that the mansion would be riddled with fire. Avoid this one unless you know how to get the fire out very quickly. Tried reloading the seed several times and got the same thing every time. Waste of time

      2. there is a lava leak in the back – rush in via creative to the far back left on the lowest floor and you can put it out in time. Bad seed actually cuz of this lava leak, rest of it is awesome.

  1. this was fun – though it caught fire shortly after I spawned in. And then the illagers got me.

    1. There is lava near the ground floor where the mansion spawns in. It spread to the second floor really quickly.

  2. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I will be making a video on YouTube using this seed. I will be expanding a large village. This may be my series that I have been looking for TY Minecraft Seeds HQ. I will be linking this website in my descriptions..On all of my videos. Thanks again.

    1. Nice! Let us know when you make the video. We’d appreciate a link and/or shout out if it makes sense, too! Thanks! 🙂

  3. The thing is, the whole mansion eventually catches on fire from (I believe) lava in the forge room xD

  4. Pretty cool, but before you enter the mansion, you’d better craft some weapons and armor, or it will be a very short visit.

  5. every time I try it it always gets destroyed by lava and stuff so if u get this seed be sure to put the difficulty on peaceful because tons of monsters spawn in the house

  6. The Mansion is on fire…. is it possable that it is a seed with the same mansion, but with no lava? Thx tho, i though it was a really cool mansion.

    1. It’s weird. When we initially found the seed the mansion did not catch fire. Then, after the last update, it seems to catch fire every time. I wonder what changed?!

  7. I was on my x box 360 and after typing in a random seed which was 3 random words that popped up in my head cheese , macoroni and tacos and this mansion appeared?

  8. The lava was under cobblestone so the mansion didn’t burn down for me. Those vindicators & evokers were tough! The previous poster was right; I should have built up weapons & armor before exploring the mansion. Good fun though,,,

    1. The mansion is right at spawn – – if you aren’t seeing it you’re probably using a version of Minecraft that isn’t compatible with the seed. 🙂

  9. I made it my mission to save this mansion from the fire and rebuild it. I failed many times but was finally successful, the one corner had half-burned down all 3 floors and left a big whole in the roof but I rebuilt it (using the wiki details on the wooded mansion rooms to restore them).

    1. That’s a good challenge for this seed! We’ll have to try and see if we can save it. So much of the mansion burns down so fast, I don’t know if anyone could keep up!

  10. The lava source is located approx at xyz 295, 59, 342. I started in creative, flew over and snuffed the lava, then flew back to spawn to switch to survival and played it like that. I was also just curious so I loaded a fresh world & just watched as the whole mansion burns down…took 3/4 days…lol

      1. i saved it from the fire but realized it was more fun to watch it burn… so I went an started ONE block on fire with flint and after a good wait most of the mansion was burnt down…

  11. I didnt have a fire problem at all! But what annoyed me was all the mobs. It was super dark and mobs started spawning so I turned it to peaceful. After that I found a wool vindicator face in the wall! They want them to kill you.

  12. for MC pc version 1.12: takes several attempts but rush to the coordinates mentioned above and dig down to that corner of the mansion and you can plug the lava flow and save the mansion!

    I am still looking around the area and have not found any villages. there is an ocean temple about 1200 or so blocks west. Anyone else find anything interesting around the mansion?

    1. yes, thats the version i loaded this with. just be sure to put out the fire if you want to spend much time at all exploring it.

  13. Go to 297, 344 and dig down right away. You get in a crawl space between the mansion and the wall. You can fill up the lava block with dirt and SAVE the mansion.

  14. Yeah it doesn’t spawn the mansion anymore which sucks because I had a seed that I found on my own that had a mansion BUT I accidentally deleted the world.

  15. This seed works on 1.12.2 the mansion catches fire from a lava block on the bottom level (x296/z342) and quickly the fire rises up the 3 levels. However as i read the comments before i loaded it i expected this. I changed to creative and armed with a bucket of water i put the fire out, located the lava block and destroyed it. Then i rebuilt the burned area which had affected just 3 rooms, one on top of the other plus some damage to carpets from my water buckets. I spawned at x302/z145 and the mansion was at x236/z411. Thanks for posting the seed, i’ve not found a mansion yet and really wanted to look around one.

  16. im just sitting here and the fire spreads so fast, wish there wasn’t lava since i never seen a woodland mansion before 🙁

  17. When I spawned with the seed and seed number, it took me to a roofed forest/swamp biome and looked everywhere but couldn’t find a Woodland Mansion.

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