Mansion and Iron Loot Blacksmith at Spawn

Minecraft Mansion Seed

Seed: lifetime
Seed Code: 960570313
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.14


Plug in this Minecraft Mansion Seed (PC/Mac) and you’ll get an amazing spawn that includes a woodland mansion. Once world render has done its work you’ll find yourself in a blacksmith village. The blacksmith loot includes some good items to get armed before moving on. There’s an iron sword, an iron chestplate, iron leggings and a saddle. There’s also two gold ingots, bread and five obsidian blocks. When looking around you probably didn’t miss the massive, rare woodland mansion right beside the village. It is situated on a roofed forest peninsula.

Although the village obviously looks different, this has been verified for 1.14 and added to the list of Minecraft 1.14 seeds.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Village and Woodland Mansion
The village spawn and neighboring mansion.

Blacksmith Loot
The blacksmith loot: Iron armor and sword, gold ingots and more
User Rating 3.93 (183 votes)

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45 Replies to “Mansion and Iron Loot Blacksmith at Spawn”

  1. I thought the mansion was fun. I found a duck, two tuxedo cats, and an evoker face made of wool. However, there wasn’t much for me to do in Creative Mode, and I ended up burning it down…

    1. hey, you know that if you go a hundred to 300 blocks from the village port into the sea and dig down, you’l find an abandoned mine shaft! 🙂

    2. I tried to set a fire in the fireplace in the upstairs bedroom and did the same thing, ended up having to restart the seed

    3. Most likely Minecraft won’t change there seeds because it would mess up everyone’s world so I’m pretty sure it will

  2. This seed has THE most amazing Extreme Hills area, so far away from where the mansion is that it’s a complete accident I found it. The coordinates are x 1470 z 1726 y 132 roughly. This should drop you within sight of it. Make sure you explore the entirety of the mountain, it’s a great place for an extensive city if you’re ambitious. There’s a huge magma fall and a number of small waterfalls and floating land chunks with natural land bridges between some of them.

  3. My plan for this seed is to “electrify” the entire mansion using redstone circuits. It will help with all of the dark in the rooms.

    1. I don’t see a way to edit, I’m sorry.

      I just tested it another modpack.

      With default land: It works 1.12.2
      With Biomes o Plenty: doesn’t work but the land is still pretty!

  4. it probally bruns just like every other one out there ,,, im getting tired of trying to find a good solid mansion seed

    1. Take it from me, new friend. Reset the seed and turn off fire lakes. And trust me, this one doesn’t burn I have checked.

  5. No blacksmith loot, shop or smith. Village and mansion are all there, so why not the blacksmith?

    Version 1.13

  6. My plan is to first light up the mansion using quite primitive methods (I’m not a redstone guy) and use it as my base. Then, I’ll try to find the extreme cliffs another person talked about, and build a railway from there back to the mansion. After that, a little town of some sort. I’ve always wanted to build some kind of settlement, and this would be the best.

  7. It seems to work in the 1.14 snapshot of Java Edition, mansion, Village, even the mineshaft about 300 blocks in the water from the village. but however I think it lost it, blacksmith, I may have overlooked it

    1. 1.13.2
      Java Edition

      Works, but no Blacksmith anymore. Still good, but the mansion is rough unless you do some serious mining first. Probably still worth it.

  8. For those people who had a little trouble trying to keep their new mansion from burning down, I suggest you restart the seed, and turn off lava lakes in settings.

  9. Not much changed in this seed in 1.14. Only differences are villages (they have different buildings but localisation is the same) and in some places there are new structures from 1.14. Biomes are the same. You can still use biome preview apps like chunkbase without any problem.

    This seed is perfect. It has every neccessary structures in 2000 blocks radius from spawn (only jungle is 4000 blocks away from spawn but you can find bamboo in shipwreck at 308 64). Nether fortress is close to 0 0 with nether ward and blazes. End City has flying ship with Elytra next to it. Everything you need is close.

  10. Tbh i was tired of finding good ones but trust me this one works, i tried this in v1.14.4 latest release and it worked for me .
    i haven’t played or seen the loot yet but the seed spawned me to the a village next to a mansion

  11. Guys this is pretty crazy but I played in 1.14.4 and just to the right of the village is another woodland mansion. It is also not on fire. And outside the village is buried treasure. This seed SOOOO much better than it says

  12. I tried it in the 20w18a snapshot by entering “lifetime” for the seed, and I got the village and the mansion with a ruined portal in the middle and a shipwreck near the side of the village facing away from the mansion. the chests at the ruined portal had enchanted golden armor and 2 golden swords enchanted with smite.

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