Woodland Mansion and Ravine at Spawn

Minecraft Mansion Seed

Seed Number:113560767
Platform:Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.11


The rarer the features at game spawn the better. That’s why we love woodland mansion spawn seeds so much. Spawn with two villages to explore right from game start. The first village is a savanna village (and the closest to the game spawn point). There is a blacksmith present. The second village sits on a plains biome, extending into a small lake or pond beside it. Resources are plentiful and there are a few different wood types to capitalize on as well as a good population of animals near both villages. We didn’t look under the wells in the villages but a quick test with the locate command tells us there’s nothing worth digging for.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Ravine and Mansion from Spawn
Game spawn is on the edge of a ravine in view of the mansion.

Woodland Mansion EntranceQ
The entrance to the woodland mansion.
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17 Replies to “Woodland Mansion and Ravine at Spawn”

  1. Thanks for the seed! worked for 1.12.2. not a scam or fake. I am currently renovating every room making it my own (slightly changing some rooms while completely changing others) liking.
    PS, the cat scared the hell out of me when I first found it walking around aimlessly, then the chicken did.

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