Easy Mineshafts Under Village and in Badlands Biome

Minecraft Mineshaft Seed

Seed Code:94454061
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.15, 1.14


If you’re looking for a Minecraft 1.15 seed with mineshafts, this one might do the trick. From the spawn point, you’re close to a beautiful savanna village. Dig under the village’s well and you’ll find an abandoned mineshaft below. The walls have coal and iron, but we didn’t find too many precious ores. But, we only followed a few of the mineshaft’s tunnels.

Back up on the surface there’s more easy mineshafts to plunder. Head over to the mesa/badlands biome and you’ll find plenty of above-ground entrances. We did find a few minecart with chests, too. And, of course, the occasional nasty mob looking to ruin our ore search.

If you find anything else worth noting, share it in the comments below!


Savanna Village Above Mineshaft
The beautiful savanna village is above a mineshaft (dig beneath the village well).
Badlands Mineshaft Entrances
A few of the abandoned mineshaft entrances in the badlands/mesa biome.
Minecart with Chest
One of several minecart with chest we came across (zombies, too) in the mineshafts.
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11 Replies to “Easy Mineshafts Under Village and in Badlands Biome”

    1. I found this ship and like 100 blocks out to sea there is another one, then a sand village. Also, at about -1000 ~ -95 there is a mesa mineshaft that is almost entirely above ground with a TON of loot.

  1. If you guys like spawners, boy do I have a list for you. All coordinates are XYZ and are from standing on top of the spawner.

    Cave Spiders:
    -278 36 -69
    -284 34 -72
    -300 34 -39
    -336 66 -84
    -565 67 -8
    -814 71 90
    -790 68 12
    -760 73 17
    -866 65 15
    -834 67 -3
    235 36 -702
    219 36 -706
    -819 68 303
    -715 70 20
    -705 65 89

    -340 66 -83

    Normal (black) Spider:
    -825 70 256

    I never want to see another spider again RIP

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