Beautiful Badlands with Plenty of Spawners, Mineshafts, Shipwrecks [1.14]

Minecraft Badlands Seed

Seed Code:116585159
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.14


This is one of our new favorite seeds for Java Edition. Plug in the seed ‘hardlead’ (or by seed number 116585159). When the world renders you’ll be in a very special badlands biome. As you explore you won’t be disappointed. Off the badlands coast there are two shipwrecks out in the ocean. There’s also a good sized coral reef, too.

As far as the badlands biome itself, that’s where most of the beauty lies. Up the coast you’ll find more than a few mineshaft entrances that peek out of the mesa walls overlooking the ocean. Where the badlands doglegs there’s a surface mob spawner, too. Inland offers as much to see as the coast (see the game screenshots below).

One of our favorite finds was rails from an abandoned mineshaft that are well into a neighboring desert biome. There’s far too much to list, but we’ve started cataloging notable coordinates below. Let us know what you find in the comments (with the coordinates)!


  • Shipwreck #1: 256, , -192
  • Shipwreck #2: 48, , -256
  • Ocean Ruin: 64, , -224
  • Spawner #1 (Badlands and Mineshafts): -121, 68, -72
  • Spawner #2 (Inland Badlands): -213, 76, 451
  • Spawner #3 (Desert): -272, 62, 430
  • Surface Minecart Chest: 2, 63, 163
  • Desert Abandoned Mineshaft: -298, 64, 434


Shipwreck Ocean biome
Two shipwrecks are visible in the ocean from the badlands spawn point.
Spawner and Mineshaft Entrances
One exposed spawner and a few mineshaft entrances just up the badlands coast.
Inland Desert Rails
This is new: rails from an abandoned mineshaft that is well into a desert biome.
Badlands Biome
A beautiful badlands formation over the ocean biome.
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8 Replies to “Beautiful Badlands with Plenty of Spawners, Mineshafts, Shipwrecks [1.14]”

  1. I was wandering around the map in spectator mode and found a skeleton dungeon with one chest. Spawner at -228, 22, -225.

  2. 3 villages close to one another: -390, , 719 (plains), -440, , 1056 (plains), -819, , 1359 (desert). Three desert temples are seen from the villages: -741, , 1098, -1749, , 1274, -1461, , 1082 .
    A huge jungle starts at 1272, , 495.
    Ocean monument at 1199, , 1217 as well as 1567, , 654
    A savanna village at -713, , 640 has an abandoned mineshaft below (best access at -750, 38, 343).
    The nearest stronghold is at 1780, 43, -236 and is next to an abandoned mineshaft as well.

  3. Looking at a pretty arch structure at – -459 81 312.

    Love this seed. Been looking for Mesas for ages and didn’t realized they changed the names. I hadn’t played for years!

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