Bedrock Pillager Outpost Seed + Village, Desert, Badlands, Ice Spikes [1.10 EXP Preview]

Minecraft PE/Bedrock Edition Pillager Outpost Seed

Seed Code:292854212
Minecraft:Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On:Minecraft PE 1.10 (Bedrock) Creative, Experimental


If you’ve got your hands on the 1.10 release of Minecraft (PE/Bedrock Edition) you can get an early preview of a Pillager Outpost. This is a nice one to check out because the pillager outpost is positioned in the middle of a desert village. When we arrived on the scene it was just in time to watch the carnage.

If you’re going to give this a try there’s two things you need to do. First, you have to create a creative game, it won’t work in survival mode yet. Second, you have to enable experimental features. Finally, enter the seed. When the world renders, you’ll be in the desert near a savanna biome. You may be able to get a glimpse of the desert village with the pillager outpost. If not, head away from the savanna, deeper into the desert and you’ll see it.

The seed is nice overall. The pillager outpost is in a desert village near the ocean which has icebergs in it. The adjacent biome is badlands, too!

Minecraft PE Screenshots

Pillager Outpost Experimental
In Minecraft 1.10 Creative Game Type and Experimental Mode must be enabled.
Pillagers Killing Villagers
The pillagers made short work of the villagers, killing all of them inside a few minutes.
Pillager Outpost Watchtower and Cage
The watchtower and cage of the pillager outpost.
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2 Replies to “Bedrock Pillager Outpost Seed + Village, Desert, Badlands, Ice Spikes [1.10 EXP Preview]”

    1. Yeah, it appears in 1.11 the world render algorithm changed a bit. You do still get a pillager outpost, but as Sam noted, there is no village.

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