Emerald Temple in the Desert for PE

Minecraft PE/Bedrock Edition Desert Temple Seed

Seed: roundmag
Seed Code: -139003
Minecraft: Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On: Minecraft PE 1.11 (Bedrock)


This pyramid/desert temple seed for Minecraft PE (Bedrock Edition) spawns with a desert temple clearly in view. The temple’s chests have four emeralds, a diamond, and a golden apple. There’s horse armor, too – diamond horse armor, iron horse armor and gold horse armor. As far as ore goes it is all gold (six iron ingots). There’s also tons of bones and string as well as a saddle.

Minecraft PE Seed Screenshots

Desert Temple Chest Loot
All the loot from the desert temple chests.

Loot Chests
The temple’s loot chests have emeralds, diamonds, horse armor and more.
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3 Replies to “Emerald Temple in the Desert for PE”

  1. Below the river that is behind the temple that spawns in fromt of you, there’s a mineshaft underground.

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