Desert Loot Madness for PE/Bedrock [1.10+]

Minecraft PE/Bedrock Loot Seed

Minecraft:Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On:Minecraft PE 1.10 (Bedrock)


This seed comes from Minecraft Seed Forum member Rainbowchibee. There’s more than a few village and temples where you can grab a nice load of loot, all close to spawn. Many of the villages and temples are within 1,000 blocks of where you start.

Rainbowchibee said “I’m sure there is a lot more however all of these are within a few 1000 blocks of each other and this seemed worth the share” and the following approximate coordinates to make your game time as productive as possible:


  • #1: Desert Temple: 3307, 74, 218
  • #2: Desert Temple: 3866, 78, 378
  • #3: Desert Temple: 4170, 74, 105
  • #4: Desert Temple: 3835, 74, -325


  • #1: Desert Village: 3317, 68, 302
  • #2: Blacksmith Village: 4662, 71, 38
  • #3: Savanna Blacksmith Village: 4130, 69, -924

There’s also a ravine at 4275, 73, -264 that is pretty cool, too. Big thanks to Rainbowchibee. If you’ve found a unique seed that you want to share, visit the Minecraft Seed Forum for PE/Bedrock!


Desert, Plains, Savanna Biomes
Plains, desert and savanna biomes dominate the landscape surrounding the game spawn point.
First Village Sighting
You’ll likely see this desert village first. The real loot is in the neighboring buried desert pyramid.
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