Exposed Dungeon at Spawn

Minecraft PE Dungeon Seed

Seed Code: 326657730
Minecraft: Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11


This is the first exposed dungeon seed we have found in a long time, and definitely the first that works in Bedrock Edition. Enter the seed ‘MOREWATER’ to give it a look. When you spawn you will be right outside the surface-level cave. Inside there is a mob spawner (visible) that is kicking out zombies, so be careful! When we took a look inside the chest the loot was mainly gunpowder and an enchanted book. What you can see from the dungeon is a bit barren. There are trees (birch and oak) visible on the plains, but we didn’t see any other distinct generated structures.

Minecraft PE Seed Screenshots

Zombie (Mob) Spawner
The mob spawner is producing zombies.
Exposed Dungeon Spawn
The spawn point is beside the exposed dungeon.

Dungeon Chest Loot
The loot we found inside the chest in the dungeon.
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11 Replies to “Exposed Dungeon at Spawn”

  1. Actually, there are two zombie spawners. A second one is 32 blocks west and 9 blocks north of the exposed one. A great spot to set up an XP farm.

  2. That’s a great find! The exact coordinates are 179, 72, 16 for the exposed spawner, and 147, 73, 7 for the second spawner (the second one comes with a bonus music disc!). Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a spot where you can activate both of them, they’re just a tad bit too far apart. Oh well… On another note, if you travel directly north from spawn (over the mountain, going down the z-coordinates), you’ll find a swamp biome (good for surface slime!), with a witch hut (coordinates 244, 66, -222). Overall it’s an interesting seed, I quite like it!

  3. Confirmed the spawners are 3 blocks too far apart… Though you can pick a spot and kill the monsters from one while activating the other then switch when you have cleaned out the cap.

  4. When I spawned i’ve got attacked by 3 zombies: 2 normal and one with enchanted shovel sadly, he didn’t drop it :’-(

  5. there is a spawner at the stonghold coordinates of -665, 28, 1890 and the end portal frame is at coordinates of -623, 25, 1847 and its all under a normal village good to live at. the village is right next to ice caps a big body of water and there is a pillager outpost at coordinates -793, 64, 2909 just past the outpost there is another village. there is a small ravine at -953, 63, 3495 but there is a bigger ravine at coordinates -2793, 68, 3310 and a mine shaft at -2800, 18 3365 with a under ground ravine. there is another village at -816, 83, 3558 with a house and crops on a floating island. there is another village a -1185, 68, 1367 and some houses break off into a corral reef there you go explorers go out and find ll of that good loot and for those of you that hate exploring put your nether portal right down at spawn there is a huge fortress

  6. I think this dungeon can make a preety good house (Survival or Creative) you can also utislise the normal stone coming out of the entrance But I still have not tested it out

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