Flower Forest on Taiga Bay

Minecraft Flower Forest Seed

Seed: dentalmega
Seed Code: 846147556
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11


In this Minecraft seed you’ll spawn at an ocean bay in a taiga biome. That taiga biome quickly yields to a flower forest biome. And, it’s an especially dense one. We can’t recall seeing such a concentration and variety of flower types in one place. There are some river tributaries running through the landscape that approaches the water and some moderate terrain height variation. But, this one looks like a great place to build a Minecraft coastal town or castle. Oh, we almost forgot! There’s also an ocean monument directly offshore!

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Flower Forest from Bay Spawn
Looking at the flower forest biome hovering above the game spawn.

Offshore Ocean Monument - Minecraft
There is an ocean monument just offshore of the spawn in this Minecraft seed.
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One Reply to “Flower Forest on Taiga Bay”

  1. I tested this seed in 1.13, it didn’t generate a flower forest but something better. you spawn on a small island with some trees and some sugarcane. there is a shipwreck on the far side of the island, a huge cave system below the surface and there is also a skeleton spawner beneath one of the ponds in the centre of the island.
    the island is densely populated with mobs relative to its size except for sheep which you can find on the other island near where you spawn.

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