One Tree Survival Island plus Ocean Monument

Minecraft Island Seed

Seed: platinumsonly
Seed Code: 348678131
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11


This Minecraft survival island seed is pretty cool. We’ve found plenty of island seeds but not a single-tree survival island that has an ocean monument just offshore. There’s plenty of ideas for how this could be a really fun survival seed with challenges. How long would it take to incorporate the monument into the island itself? Could you build a wall around the entire ocean monument and drain the water out? You get the idea. Enter ‘platinumnsonly’ for this seed – don’t forget the ‘s’ between ‘platinum’ and ‘only’ (or you’ll get something quite different). Let us know what you do with this seed (or plan to do) in the comments!

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Another View of the Island
Another view of the spawn island.
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3 Replies to “One Tree Survival Island plus Ocean Monument”

  1. this is the same world i got but i used a different seed i used Dancers as the seed and i named the world tutorial i have 1.12.1 on my laptop .

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