Forest Village Destroyed by Zombies [Java 1.14]

Minecraft Zombie Village Seed

Seed Code:1028438881
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.14


Zombies have destroyed a once beautiful village at the spawn point in this Minecraft 1.14 seed. Give it a shot. Fire up a new game of survival or creative and enter the seed ‘WAITDEAL’ or use the seed number if you like to type: 1028438881. When the world has rendered and the game gets going you’ll be right on the edge of the zombie village.

The village is about what you’d expect: no villagers, no golem, tons of cobwebs. One on edge of the village there is an overhang covering a small plot of farm land. The resources there are still thriving somehow, so you can grab those. Be ready for trouble at night. The roofed forest quickly breeds zombies and skeletons once the sun sets on this Minecraft world.


Cobwebs and Empty Village Buildings
The empty village has plenty of cobwebs… And a serious lack of doors.
Remains of Village Farming
There’s still some crops left behind from the villager’s efforts.
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