Who left this ship here? Java 1.14 Seed

Minecraft Shipwreck Seed

Seed Number:-613756530319979507
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.14


Thanks to niksu_k who posted this Shipwreck Seed for Minecraft 1.14 on the forums. The seed is a long one, so you’ll want to cut-and-paste this one for sure. Fire up a new game of Minecraft and enter the seed -613756530319979507. As the world render algorithm does its magic you’ll start to see an island village forming right in front of you.

You’ll have to swim over to it from the land you’re on, but it’s a very short swim. As the island takes shape you’ll see something sticking out like a sore thumb: there’s a ship parked in the middle of the village. It’s up on land taking up space right beside the village’s other buildings.

Elsewhere in this seed you’ll find a colorful coral reef biome off the island’s shore. Within it there’s a shipwreck (336, , 256) which is beside an ocean ruin (336, , 304), too.


Shipwreck, Island and Ocean
The island containing the village containing the shipwreck at spawn!
Cool Villagers
The NPC villagers seem cool with the ship parked where it is.
Coral Reef Shipwreck
A second shipwreck offshore in a coral reef biome at 336, , 256.
Ocean Ruin
An ocean ruin can also be found right by the second shipwreck at 336, , 304.
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5 Replies to “Who left this ship here? Java 1.14 Seed”

  1. can someone give the coordinates of the buried treasure? i’m looking for that and i digged all the way to the bedrock but could not find anything.

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