Who left this ship here? Java 1.14 Seed

Minecraft Shipwreck Seed

Seed Code:-613756530319979507
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.14


Thanks to niksu_k who posted this Shipwreck Seed for Minecraft 1.14 on the forums. The seed is a long one, so you’ll want to cut-and-paste this one for sure. Fire up a new game of Minecraft and enter the seed -613756530319979507. As the world render algorithm does its magic you’ll start to see an island village forming right in front of you.

You’ll have to swim over to it from the land you’re on, but it’s a very short swim. As the island takes shape you’ll see something sticking out like a sore thumb: there’s a ship parked in the middle of the village. It’s up on land taking up space right beside the village’s other buildings.

Elsewhere in this seed you’ll find a colorful coral reef biome off the island’s shore. Within it there’s a shipwreck (336, , 256) which is beside an ocean ruin (336, , 304), too.


Shipwreck, Island and Ocean
The island containing the village containing the shipwreck at spawn!
Cool Villagers
The NPC villagers seem cool with the ship parked where it is.
Coral Reef Shipwreck
A second shipwreck offshore in a coral reef biome at 336, , 256.
Ocean Ruin
An ocean ruin can also be found right by the second shipwreck at 336, , 304.
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8 Replies to “Who left this ship here? Java 1.14 Seed”

  1. can someone give the coordinates of the buried treasure? i’m looking for that and i digged all the way to the bedrock but could not find anything.

  2. /tp 123845 100 -1234141
    i was randomly teleporting around to see if this entire seed was an ocean biome or if there were other things aswell, i was typing “12345” and some other random number and foudn this

    A Shipwreck, three chests. Around that 6 Water Stronghold things idk what its called (the small ones) and in the middle of those 1 other stronghold thing which is a little more destroyed and spread out.
    P.S – Two of the six stronghold things were completely above the water level, no contact with water at all

  3. Shipwreck

    For some reason the villagers kept going to the well and getting stuck inside it, so I trapped 7 villagers in the well and dug down creating a pretty big chamber under the well and creating a secure place for them and then created a tunnel from the house nearby to access them, hopefully that may help some of you to protect the villagers. (i had to use cobblestone as a door to them and break it every time in/out)

    Starting Village 266, 63, 136

    Treasure chest is at 585, 53, 153 and it has 2 diamonds and 6 emeralds. (kyle)

    Treasure chest (near 3 Magma Blocks) -685, 65, 300

    Treasure chest at -310, 54, -1382
    3 diamonds, heart of sea, gold & iron bars

    Treasure chest at -951, 61, -919
    TNT, heart of sea, prismarine crystals

    Treasure chest -471, 60, -2439

    Treasure chest 4201, 59, 2265

    Shipwreck (336, , 256)

    Shipwreck at 606, 62, 287 (Eragon)

    Big Shipwreck 3 chests -409, 62, 537

    Shipwreck -229, 62, 114

    Shipwreck -219, 62, -1467

    Shipwreck -471, 62, -2425
    buried under sand 3 chest

    Shipwreck 3891, 63, 2158

    Ship wreck 3951, 63, 2323


    Awesome Mineshaft Entrance 498, 59, -377
    (dig down to 554 , 15, -366)

    Abandoned Acacia town -755 , 1326

    Badlands Red Desert Mineshaft -933, 65, 169

    Underwater Temple -795, 62, -386

    Desert Oasis Town -1398, 62, -1186
    (diamond horse armor)

    Desert Town 1768, 63, 793

    Jungle Town 2095, 73, 1285

    Snow Town 6973, 72 , 3425


    Nether Fortress -259, 69, -357
    (on the roof) gold bars, diamond horse armor, gold chestplate, gold swords, iron/leather horse armor

    Nether Fortress blaze rod guys (blaze)
    -370 60 -406

    The End
    1556 64 1652
    dig straight down about 10 blocks

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