Fossil Beneath Swampy Spawn for PE/Bedrock

Minecraft PE/Bedrock Edition Fossil Seed

Seed: blurblur
Seed Code: -479210162
Minecraft: Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On: Minecraft 1.7.0


The is the first Minecraft PE Fossil Seed we’ve posted because it is one of the first fossils we have found that would be straightforward enough to explain. Here’s what you need to do. First, fire up Minecraft PE (Bedrock) and enter the seed ‘burblur’ (or -479210162). Second, once the game starts, turn 90 degrees to the right. Third, head down the hill, to the first patch of swamp that has the blue orchids on it. Finally, dig down a bit before the blue flowers and to the right of the tree.

If you have coordinates turned on, digging at 101, 71, 33 will do the trick. Dig down carefully until you hit a bone block. Dig around it, leaving bone blocks and coal blocks in place until you reveal the entire fossil.

Minecraft PE Seed Screenshots

Spawn Swamp Biome
From spawn head to the first patch of swamp with blue orchids.
Fossil Below - Dig Area
The fossil is beneath this patch of swamp.
Dig for Fossil
This is where we dug for the fossil: 101, 71, 33.
Fossil Bone Block
The first fossil bone block we hit. Then we started excavating.

Fully Excavated Fossil
Here’s what we were left with when excavation was complete.
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3 Replies to “Fossil Beneath Swampy Spawn for PE/Bedrock”

  1. There is also a spider spawner right near the fossil, at coordinates 88, 59, 20. Funny thing, I never even heard of fossils in minecraft until I bumped into this seed, but there it is, in all its glory.

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