Shipwreck Seed with Buried Treasure Map (Bedrock/PE)

Minecraft PE/Bedrock Edition Shipwreck Seed

Seed: nofroggy
Seed Code: 1193133207
Minecraft: Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On: Minecraft 1.8.0


Shipwrecks might be one of the best features of the Minecraft Update Aquatic. You can play this Minecraft PE Shipwreck Seed on Bedrock Edition versions of Minecraft 1.4 and higher. Enter the seed ‘nofroggy’. Once the word generates you’ll find yourself on a survival island.

Off one edge of the island, not more than 20 blocks or so away you’ll find the shipwreck. The wood from the ship improves your chance of survival. If you thrive, explore the area to find the buried treasure using the buried treasure map inside the shipwreck. The buried treasure chest (which is located at 520,,-120) has some chain armor, a heart of the sea, plus a few other items.

You’ll also get your hands on TNT, more paper than you’re likely looking for, and food that is unfortunately inedible.

Minecraft PE Seed Screenshots

Buried Treasure Map
The buried treasure map shows not far from the shipwreck.
Buried Treasure Chest Loot
The buried treasure chest loot.

Ocean Ravine
There’s also an ocean ravine just off another corner of the island spawn.
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