Snowy Winter Scene plus Igloo w/Basement for Java Edition

Minecraft Snow Seed

Seed Code:-986625532
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.14


It’s winter in this Minecraft Java Edition Seed. Enter ‘GONECOLOR’ to give it a look. The game starts out at the intersection of a snowy mountains biome and a snowy tundra biome. What’s beside it? A snowy taiga biome. Enough about the snow. Straight ahead you’ll see a frozen river that has an igloo on the immediate bank.

Clearing the snow on the igloo’s floor reveals the telltale trapdoor that leads to its basement. You’ll find what you’d expect in the basement: a witch in one of the basement’s lockups, a brewing stand, and a chest. The chest loot includes gold nuggets, apples, a golden apple, coal and some wheat. A Java Edition version 1.13 and higher seed. Tested and confirmed to be working as a Minecraft 1.14 seed.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Igloo Snow Frozen River
The igloo is along the frozen river visible from the game start point.
Trapdoor Igloo Basement
The trapdoor leads to the igloo’s basement chamber.
Basement Chest Loot
The loot in the basement chest.
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