Village Librarian Living in Ravine

Minecraft Village Seed

Seed Code:1413498379
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.13


This is a pretty interesting seed for Java Edition. We’ve found villager’s farming underground a few times now. But, we’ve never found a librarian inside a library inside a ravine! Well, until now.

Enter the seed ‘muteaux’ (or 1413498379). When the world generate’s you will be in a taiga biome on the edge of a blacksmith village. Be careful when you step. There’s a ravine right beside the blacksmith’s building. Look down into it and you’ll see the library deep inside it.

The blacksmith has decent loot (nothing to brag or complain about). Area biomes include taiga/forest, river, plains and some beautiful mountains.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Blacksmith Village
The blacksmith village is at the world spawn point. Note the ravine beside the blacksmith’s building.
Village Librarian in Ravine
The village librarian is trapped deep inside the ravine.
Village Blacksmith Loot
The blacksmith’s chest loot.
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