Dark Oak Village Plus Ocean Monument

Minecraft Dark Oak Village Seed

Seed: nogrow
Seed Code: 2117685297
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.12


Spawn in a coastal mega taiga biome at a dark oak village in this Minecraft seed. The NPC village is at a small inlet coming from the ocean. Looking out to sea (with render distance turned up) you’ll see there’s an ocean monument to explore offshore. The best the village provides is a way to get crops and possibly trade with villagers. We explored the mega taiga biome for awhile but didn’t come across any other generated structures. Eventually we headed back and started crafting a plan to take on the ocean monument.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Dark Oak Village
The dark oak village you spawn at sits in a tight waterway.

Ocean Monument
The ocean monument is offshore and can be seen from the NPC village.
User Rating 3.96 (24 votes)

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4 Replies to “Dark Oak Village Plus Ocean Monument”

  1. Located both the village and Ocean monument. A good distance from spawn. Spawn point has great supplies and food.

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