2x Buried Treasure Map Seed for Minecraft 1.14

Minecraft Buried Treasure Seed

Seed Code:3125395
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.14


This is a fun Minecraft survival seed if you’re looking for an adventure that will definitely pay off. In the end you’ll find yourself in possession of: 2 heart of the sea, 24 emeralds, 3 lapis lazuli, 2 diamonds, 5 prismarine crystals, 15 gold ingots, 28 iron ingots, 7 gold nuggets, 6 iron nuggets, TNT, 6 books, enchanted chest plate, enchanted leggings and a bunch of food items.

Enter the seed ‘evac’ (or 3125395). Your mission: Find the two shipwrecks, grab their loot, and use the two buried treasure maps you acquire to get that loot, too.

When you’re done you’ll be handsomely rewarded. We’ll give you some guidance to the first shipwreck. That shipwreck will get you a nice deal of goodies as well as the first treasure map. Following the map you’ll find not only that buried treasure, But the second ship and another buried treasure map which yields the second chest (which is close by).

From the game spawn point face your player toward the sun. Now, turn 90 degrees to the left (straight to your left). Head in that direction and you’ll come across the water. You’ll be able to find the first shipwreck as it is mostly above water. The screenshots (and user comments below) can help you get all the loot shown in the main screenshot!


Spawn to Shipwreck and Buried Treasure Map
From spawn, hovering above the game spawn point, looking north (90 degrees left from the sun).
Ship and Buried Treasure Map
The first ship and buried treasure map.
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