Impressive Loot Pull – Minecraft Island Seed for 1.14+

Minecraft Island Seed

Seed Number:-573947210
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.14


Ready for some loot? Here’s the pull from the two shipwrecks and buried treasure in this seed: 2 enchanted tunics, 2 enchanted helmets, 2 TNT, 2 gunpowder, an iron sword, 4 books, heart of the sea, 4 prismarine crystals, one diamond, 13 emeralds, 8 gold ingots, 6 gold nuggets, 21 iron ingots, 26 iron nuggets, buried treasure map, some paper, one bamboo and a bunch of food items.

What’s really cool is that everything is really easy to get your hands on. One of the shipwrecks is northwest of spawn on a different island. The second, and the one with the best loot, is off the eastern shore of the island. The buried treasure map from that shipwreck will lead you back on to the spawn island. The treasure is buried by the round lake. Coordinates for everything are below. Oh, we forgot to mention that you spawn in a savanna village on the island, too! For Minecraft 1.14+ for Java.

If you find anything cool while exploring leave details and coordinates in the comments!


  • Shipwreck #1 (Northwest of Spawn): -192, , 16
  • Shipwreck #2 (In ocean off eastern end of Island): 0, , 576
  • Buried Treasure: -71, , 409


Minecraft Map - Island, Loot
An overhead map of the island, shipwrecks, village and location of the buried treasure.
Awesome Loot
The loot pull from the two shipwrecks and the buried treasure (nothing taken from the village).
This screenshot is from the far end of the island just about above one of the shipwrecks.
Surface shipwreck on a neighboring island northwest of the spawn point.
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11 Replies to “Impressive Loot Pull – Minecraft Island Seed for 1.14+”

  1. it doesn’t seem to work for me, I’ve checked the seed a dozen times and it’s correct, I spawned in a desert next to an ocean with a desert village 70 blocks away

    1. Just retried it to verify that it works. It worked both with the text-based seed (axezero) and by the number (-573947210). You’re on 1.14 Java Edition, yes?

    2. Same here. We’re just spawning in a different part of the world. Check the coordinates in the description and head that way; you will find everything there.

  2. There is a zombie dungeon on the island, on the map on the north end the little sand bar, to the south is a small cave that ends in a dead end, turn left and dig a few blocks and you will come to a small cave that ends in the dungeon.

  3. There is a third shipwreck, at about 20, 365 just under the water. Decent loot. It is in the cove between the tiny island and the largest lake (below the lake in the overhead picture above, just off shore.)

  4. there is an other ship wreck at: 34,,43 under the water
    with alot of iron an other diamond and a other chest (a lot of gold and iron with emerauld) (-134,,150) with a desert village next to the chest AND at (105,,-240) a zombie village with 2 burried tresor cart in it AND a chipwreck with 1 burriedtresor card at (83,,-156) AND an underwater zombie village at (260,,100) (with a burried tresor in it) AND an wrekechip(with burried tresor and emrauld, gold, iron but it is underwater)(316,,128) AND an underwater wrekechip with burried tresor in it and unbreakable choe II in it (275,,309) AND an other chipwrecke(-236,,373)

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