Mojang Relaunches

Mojang’s Marsh Davies announced that the website had been relaunched and will be the official place to get Minecraft news in the future. Historically snapshots, updates and general news have all been handled on the site.

New Minecraft Website
The homepage of newly relaunched Minecraft website.

The change is more than simply moving those content types over to the site. The entire site has been rebuilt with a larger focus on the community and broader topics regarding Minecraft for the PC and Mac.

Primary sections of the site include:

  • Purchasing options
  • Information on each Minecraft product:
    • Minecraft
    • Minecraft Realms
    • Minecraft Story Mode
  • A main feed and four sub-categories:
    • Culture
    • Insider
    • Merch
    • News
  • Minecraft Store

Give the new site a look for yourself and

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