Ocean Monument Near Oceanside Village

Minecraft Ocean Monument Seed

Seed: boogersox
Seed Code: 1915789834
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.12


This spawn point on this Java Edition Minecraft ocean monument seed situates you by a cliffside ocean village. From the village you will find an ocean monument just offshore. We love how some of the NPC village buildings are built into the cliffs. Another bonus on this seed is the amount of resources that you’ll find right near the spawn point. There’s no shortage of wood, food, animals and of course fish. We didn’t mine much, but we’d assume finding underground resources to be plentiful, too. Enjoy the seed!

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Village Cliffs Ocean Monument
The ocean monument seen from closer to the village cliffs.
User Rating 4.04 (84 votes)

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14 Replies to “Ocean Monument Near Oceanside Village”

  1. Great seed i love how this mapis set on a hillside ocean and there is a ravine next to the village for me had about 50 iron and two stacks of coal

    1. I don’t often get excited about seeds because they are usually spectacular and just provide too many resources. But this one is just great! A fine place to start a new survival journey. Plenty of basic resources but not so much you have no fun working your way through.

    1. You should spawn right next to it. If not, you’ve input the seed wrong or you’re on the wrong version of the game.

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