Village in Mesa Biome

Minecraft Village Seed

Seed Number:-635205980
Platform:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.12


Ah, a Mesa Village Seed! We’ve come across villages like this before, but not quite as cool as this one. Let’s get to it. Enter the seed ‘THATBOX’. When the game starts you’ll be in view of a coastal desert village (which is pretty cool in and of itself). From that village, we need to head toward a nearby mesa biome where you’ll find the second village. Coordinates are -808 y 376. This one is quite interesting. The sand village is at the transition between mesa and desert biomes. You’ll find rails making it from the mesa biome all the way into the town. There’s even a minecart with chest just outside one of the villager’s buildings. Enjoy!

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

First Village (Spawn)
The spawn point is right beside this desert village.
Mesa Village
The mesa village is inland a bit at coordinates -808 y 376.
Village Minecart Chest
A minecart and rails that extend into the village from the mesa.
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