Savanna Village with Blacksmith

Minecraft Blacksmith Seed

Seed: longproof
Seed Code: 143765576
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11


Yes, this is a savanna village (with blacksmith) seed. But, if there was such a thing as an oasis in Minecraft this would be it. Surrounded by desert, plains and savanna biomes, this village maid of acacia wood is the only structure around for many blocks. The village has a blacksmith, and the chest contains a good number of iron items as well as a few apples. Next to the village there is a small lake or pond, too. We’ve got plenty of other blacksmith villages to check out if you’re looking for different loot or biomes.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Minecraft Savanna Village Seed
Looking over the savanna village in this Minecraft seed.

Blacksmith Loot - Savanna Village Minecraft
The blacksmith loot contains iron items and apples.
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