Giant Cave/Overhang

Minecraft Cave Seed

Seed Number:753535488
Platform:Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.11.2


This Minecraft seed spawns you in a plains biome that is almost engulfed by a roofed forest. What can’t be ignored is the giant cave/overhang that is beyond the roofed forest, but easily visible as it is carved out of a mountain that reaches above the cloud layer. We ventured both into the cave as well as atop the mountain. When on top we were joined by several llamas and later came across several sheep.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Overhang/Cave from Spawn
The overhang/cave in this seed from game spawn.
Minecraft Cave Seed - Inside the Cave
Inside the cave/overhang of this Minecraft Seed
Llamas atop Mountain Cave Seed
We popped on top of the mountain to find llamas and sheep.
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