Zombie Village Spawn

Minecraft Savanna Zombie Village Seed

Seed Code: -1956807938
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.12


This Java Edition seed has some good and some bad right at spawn. The good? A savanna village. The bad? It’s a zombie village. If zombies on fire aren’t wandering around when the game starts, the lack of doors on the village buildings will tip you off. If you’re looking to do some hand-to-hand combat with zombies, this is the seed for you. Good luck! Check out more of our Minecraft seeds.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Savanna Village and Desert Biome
The savanna (zombie) village by a nearby desert biome.
User Rating 3.79 (19 votes)

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One Reply to “Zombie Village Spawn”

  1. I loaded seed -1956807938. It landed me right in the middle of a village alright but a normal one not a zombie one the terrain is the same all but the village strange. I run 1.12.2 im pondering if something changed

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