Waterfront Village (and Nitwit)

Minecraft Village Seed

Seed: battlecrash
Seed Code: -745683473
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.12


Ever seen a NPC village Nitwit? They’re the green-robed villagers which have no occupation. Anyway, that isn’t what we love about this seed, but just a side note. The main attraction is the dark oak village in this Java Edition seed. When you spawn, you’re on the village’s edge (which is where we spotted the Nitwit). If you maneuver around a bit you’ll find that the opposite end of the village is over the beginning of an ocean biome. One of the village buildings has a great ocean view. With a nice looking and a varied landscape inland, this looks like a great survival seed to explore.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

View from NPC Village Building
One of the NPC village buildings has an awesome view.

Nitwit Villager
At spawn we were greeted by a Nitwit Villager.
User Rating 4.21 (29 votes)

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6 Replies to “Waterfront Village (and Nitwit)”

  1. Some coordinates for the battlecrash seed I’ve surveyed so far:
    VILLAGE #1 (Where you spawn): 189.500 69 256.500
    VILLAGE #2 (Close to Village #1): -252.498 77 309.549
    VILLAGE #3: -677.872 63.93750 148.379
    VILLAGE #4: -2219.468 63 5288.980
    VILLAGE #5: -791.494 68 7538.229
    VILLAGE #6: -763.077 71.93750 5917.472
    VILLAGE #7: -1291.231 70.93750 6475.469
    VILLAGE #8: -3483.016 66.93750 7213.362
    VILLAGE #9: -2275.260 63.93750 4852.932
    VILLAGE #10: -2028.037 63.93750 4602.432
    CAVE (Close to Village #2): 488.736 87 542.218
    TEMPLE #1: -2517.333 63 4242.160
    TEMPLE #2: -1237.628 69 6265.110
    OCEAN MONUMENT: -1241.226 61 5254.690

    1. Works in 1.13 and 1.13.1. Also there’s many ocean monuments closer to the spawn than what you’ve wroten down.

  2. This is a really nice seed and I have a really great house going. I edited a few aspects of the village and it is now a thumping good place. One of my favorite worlds!

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