4 Golden Apples in NPC Zombie Village + Temple

Minecraft Golden Apples Seed

Seed: lowbo
Seed Code: 103164577
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.12


Someone asked if we knew of any Minecraft seeds that had a lot of golden apples. Well, four isn’t a lot, but at least they will be convenient to get your hands on. Enter the seed lowbo (or the seed number which is 103164577). When world render paints its pixels you’ll be in a savanna biome in clear view of a desert biome. Looking into the desert biome you should already see a desert temple and NPC village. Inside the chests in that temple you’ll find four golden apples to grab. Look out at the village, though. It’s been overtaken by zombies. Enjoy!

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Chest 1 - Two Golden Apples
The first of the four Temple chests has two golden apples.
Chest 2 - No Golden Apples
The second chest is full of random items of little value (unless you need a saddle).
Chest 3 - One Golden Apple
The third chest in the Temple has one golden apple.
Chest 4 - The Fourth Golden Apple
The final chest has the fourth golden apple.

Minecraft Zombie Village
It’s a Zombie Village!
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