Shipwreck Village with Stonecutter Minecraft Seed [Java]

Minecraft Village Seed

Seed Code:-1782416884
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.14


In this Java Edition village seed for Minecraft you spawn next to a coastal village with a shipwreck within the village’s borders. Exploring the NPC village you’ll also find that there is a stonecutter, too. It is in the lighter colored building that is close to the shipwreck.

Exploring the immediate are you’ll find that local biomes include ocean, plains and forest. Not far from the spawn point you’ll also find a second shipwreck at -416,,256. This shipwreck has been all but consumed by the beach it ran aground on. If you find anything interesting let everyone know in the comments section below!


Village Stonecutter Java Edition Seed
The village has a stonecutter in this Java Edition seed.
A second shipwreck can be found not far from the world spawn point at -416,,256.
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8 Replies to “Shipwreck Village with Stonecutter Minecraft Seed [Java]”

  1. There’s a savannah village at -374,,-275 with two more sunken shipwrecks nearby plus a stronghold at -1056,,-1209 and a monument at -1407,,119 near another savannah village.

    1. I found some loot in the first shipwreck. In the shipwreck, there should be a section that’s partly submerged. If you check it out, there should be a chest.

  2. Been enjoying this seed a lot, the village at spawn has a cave in the middle that takes you straight to level 11 with a large diamond vein and some gold to get you started

  3. There’s buried treasure somewhere in between the two docks at the spawn village, but I can’t be arsed to die over and over exploring underwater

    1. skeleton dungeon if you tunnel down from -169/235 it’s right in the village makes it ideal xp farm for those staying in the village

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