Desert Blacksmith Village at Jungle Spawn

Minecraft Village Seed

Seed Number:62971715
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.13


This is a cool seed, especially how the desert blacksmith village is nestled into the coastal jungle area. Enter the seed BATDR (or 62971715). You’ll spawn in a jungle biome right by the ocean. If you make your way through the jungle a few blocks you’ll find a desert biome with the blacksmith village.

Chest loot includes an 5 iron ingots, an iron pick and some food. We’ll post coordinates to things we can find. You can feel free to add them in the comments, too.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Desert Village Jungle
The desert village and surrounding jungle biome and ocean.
Blacksmith Chest Loot
The village blacksmith has some good iron ingots and an iron pick (plus some food).
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5 Replies to “Desert Blacksmith Village at Jungle Spawn”

  1. There’s another village with a blacksmith at x 303 y 70 z 350. The chest has two apples, three bread, and iron pants. Really great seed so far with a lot of diversity in its biomes.

  2. If you can get to the other chest in the underwater ruins you will find a map that will lead you to two sunken ships and a buried treasure.

  3. So after visiting the ships you will find more buried treasure maps, one of the maps leads to a chest with diamonds, prismarine shards, heart of the sea, tnt, iron, and gold. The other chest has iron, gold, emeralds, and another heart of the sea.

    Overall this map is an epic adventure!

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