Swamp and Several Shipwrecks – Mac/PC Seed

Minecraft Swamp Seed

Seed Code:1869731787
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.13.2


In this Minecraft Seed for Java Edition the spawn point is in a coastal swamp biome beside a village. The village itself doesn’t have much to offer beyond the usual resources you’d expect to find. The ocean is a different story. Without exploring our long we found three shipwrecks. One shipwreck was on its own and two were very close together (coordinates are below).

Just raiding the two that were together (and the buried treasure it led us to) we were loaded. In our player inventory we had gold ingots, heart of the sea, iron ingots, TNT, prismarine crystals, diamonds, emeralds, iron nuggets, lapis lazuli and a couple of enchanted items.

Shipwreck Coordinates

  • Shipwreck #1: -432, ,-256
  • Shipwreck #2: -144, , -224
  • Shipwreck #3: 48, , -208

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

One of the three shipwrecks close to the game spawn point.
Shipwreck and Buried Treasure Loot
Buried treasure loot from one of the shipwreck’s treasure maps.
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7 Replies to “Swamp and Several Shipwrecks – Mac/PC Seed”

  1. I found a really good ocean seed! Check it out. Lots of deep ocean, monument near spawn, etc. I love this seed!


  2. Have been playing this for a while. Quite a nice village, if you dig a few blocks under the well, you can reach a huge mining cave, leading to multiple ravines, many iron and coal, and eventually leads to a plethora of redstone, gold, and a few lapis pockets

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