Village Consumed by Ravine (Java)

Minecraft Village Seed

Seed Number:150841708
Platform:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.13


In this Minecraft Village Seed for Java Editon the village at game spawn has been consumed by a ravine. A few of the NPC villagers’ buildings are actually at the bottom of the ravine. A few buildings on the surface (and the village well) have foundations that go all the way down to the ravine’s floor. The village lacks a blacksmith, but there’s plenty of loot in the neighboring desert temple (pyramid). You’ll find golden apples, horse armor, a saddle, a lot of gunpowder and several other random items.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Underground Villagers
One of the villager’s buildings deep in the ravine.
Village and Pyramid (Desert Temple)
The village and adjacent desert temple (pyramid).
Village Ravine
Is this a village over a ravine or a ravine consuming a village?
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