Top 5 Minecraft Seeds for Java and Bedrock Edition [Video]

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Alright. It’s time for another video by our partner akirby80. If you haven’t checked him out on YouTube you need to click on over and give him a follow. This Minecraft Seed video is a mixture of top seeds for both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. Hit that play button, then make your way over to YouTube!

Seed 5: Mansion and Village Seed (Java Edition)

  • Seed ID: 2900541909443169795
  • Source: akirby80
  • Coordinates:
    • Mansion: x: (191) y: (64) z: (182)
    • Village: x: (63) y: (71) z: (341)

Seed 4: Offshore Jungle Temple Seed (Bedrock Edition)

  • Seed ID: 3711968
  • Source: Offshore Jungle Temple for PE/Bedrock
  • Coordinates:
    • Jungle Temple: x: (2590) y: (63) z: (46)
    • Ocean Ruin: x: (2369) y: (32) z: (35)
    • Icebergs: x: (2386) y: (78) z: (109)

Seed 3: Survival Island Seed (Java Edition)

    • Seed ID: -537080339076755115
    • Source: akirby80
    •  Coordinates:
      • Ocean Monument: x: (-256) y: (56) z: (303)
      • Shipwreck/Ruins: x: (-191) y: (39) z: (275)
      • Second Island: x: (-25) y: (67) z: (188)

Seed 2: Double Blacksmith Seed (Bedrock Edition)

Seed 1: Super Spawn Seed (Java Edition)

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