Minecraft Seed w/Super-Spawn

Minecraft Seed w/Super Spawn

Seed Code: -562179930
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13


This might be our new favorite Minecraft Seed for Java Edition. Right from spawn there’s a ton of awesome features and biomes to explore. What biomes? Spinning above the game spawn point we saw: badlands/mesa, plains, ocean, warm ocean, beach, savanna, extreme hills, roofed forest and river. There’s a ravine on the far side of the mountain (beside a non-blacksmith village) that intersects with a mineshaft. Over in the warm ocean you’ll find a shipwreck, an ocean ravine, and a coral reef. Enjoy!

Featured on YouTube by akirby80

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Shipwreck, Warm Ocean Savanna Island
Turtles and a shipwreck in warm ocean near a savanna island (-256,,320).
Coral Reef, Ocean Ravine
There’s a coral reef and an ocean ravine just offshore. Approximate Location: ~208,,342
Badlands (Mesa), Plains, Ocean Coral Reef
Biomes: Badlands (Mesa), Plains, Ocean Coral Reef (hovering above spawn).
Ocean, Extreme Hills, Roofed Forest
Biomes: Ocean, Extreme Hills, Roofed Forest (hovering above spawn).

Village, Ravine, Mineshaft
On the far side of the mountain is a village beside a ravine that intersects with a mineshaft.
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9 Replies to “Minecraft Seed w/Super-Spawn”

  1. Hey, look at that seed (575107408424168772), at x-10000 80 10000, there are lots of good biomes together, and they’re very beautiful

  2. There’s also a skeleton spawner basically under your spawn point, only a few blocks below the surface. I died to it a few times before I was kitted out, but it’s nice having an easy XP farm right there.

  3. The skeleton spawner (-192, 9, 123) seems to disappear in snapshot 18w50a which makes me think that is may not survive the 1.14 update. However, if you go the the village (-512, 368) in the snapshot, there is a hidden zombie spawner very near the surface that does not exist in 1.13. I also found a cave spider spawner on the surface in the mesa (near 0,0) with a zombie spawner buried below it (7,7, can’t remember how deep).

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