Top 5 Best Minecraft Seeds YOU SHOULD TRY!

Minecraft Video Provided by akirby80

2019 is right around the corner, but before they year is out, Akirby80 has another Top 5 Best Minecraft Seeds video. Check it out, and as always click over and follow Akirby80. There’s more YouTube videos coming in 2019!

Seed 5: Panda Jungle Seed (Bedrock / Pocket Edition)

Seed 4: Survival Island Seed

  • Seed ID: -5870701411961426064
  • Source: akirby80
  • Coordinates:
    • Ocean Ruin: x: (54) y: (39) z: (264)
    • Ocean Monument: x: (128) y: (56) z: (272)
    • Shipwreck: x: (29) y: (40) z: (75)

Seed 3: Minecraft Fossil Seed (Bedrock / Pocket Edition)

Seed 2: Mansion Near Village Seed (Java Edition)

  • Seed ID: 5431278456132397208
  • Source: akirby80
  • Coordinates:
    • Shipwreck and Ocean Ruin: x: (17) y: (38) z: (105)
    • Mansion: x: (815) y: (67) z: (500)
    • Village: x: (630) y: (70) z: (500)

Seed 1: Snowy Winter Seed (Java Edition)

That’s going to do it for videos in Minecraft Videos 2018. Subscribe to akirby80 on YouTube to get Minecraft videos and look forward to more great videos here, too!

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  1. Fake. I am confirming this right now. This is fake. I will edit this comment with the source of my proof.

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