Top 5 Village Seeds for Minecraft 1.13.1 [Video]

Minecraft Video Provided by akirby80

Akirby80 is back with a top 5 village seed rundown for Minecraft 1.13.1 (Java Edition). Each of these seeds has a village at or near the game spawn point plus added loot, biomes and features that make them rise above. A few of these village seeds are from Minecraft Seed HQ and some were found by Akirby80. So, just because you’ve been surfing our village seeds doesn’t mean you’ve seen everything you’ll find in this video.

As always, the videos are detailed and provide coordinates to what’s being featured. All the coordinates are also provided below. You may want to click over and follow Akirby80 before you get too far into the video and forget. He’s a great YouTuber and we’re happy to sponsor him!

Seed 5: Desert Pyramid Near Mountain Village Spawn Seed

  • Seed ID: 326158703
  • Source: Minecraft 1.13.1 Village/Pyramid Seed

    • Village: x: (-121) y: (76) z: (133)
    • Ravine: x: (-71) y: (64) z: (-17)
    • Desert Temple: x: (251) y: (65) z: (204)
    • Double Ravine: x: (231) y: (67) z: (337)

Seed 4: Spawn Village and Temple Seed

  • Seed ID: 5911921160250197068
  • Source: akirby80
  • Coordinates:
    • Village: x: (28) y: (68) z: (232)
    • Desert Temple: x: (14) y: (69) z: (173)

Seed 3: Iron Gear and Obsidian Blacksmith Village Seed

Seed 2: Exploration and Building Seed

  • Seed ID: 2039398104717025443
  • Source: akirby80
  • Coordinates:
    • Village: x: (-222) y: (64) z: (210)
    • Turtle Spawn Beach: x: (-147) y: (63) z: (1185)
    • Ocean Ruin and Shipwreck: x: (-423) y: (46) z: (-175)

Seed 1: Ravine Village Seed

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