Two Tree Survival Island

Minecraft Survival Island Seed

Seed: notwas
Seed Code: -1039676618
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11


We love survival island seeds. Try this one. Enter ‘notwas’ for the world seed generator. When the game starts you’ll be on an small island with a couple of trees. That’s about all there is to work with from first glance. We didn’t mine, so maybe there are resources under the island surface. Looking out on the horizon in all directions we didn’t see any other land masses to speak of. Time to craft a boat!

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Two Tree Island
There’s two trees for resources on the island. Build a boat!

The Spawn Island from AboveQ
A view of the island you spawn on from above.
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4 Replies to “Two Tree Survival Island”

  1. per my reddit post: I found some goodies in the seed you found.

    spawn is a 2 tree island (X: 201, Z:103)
    there are two small to medium sized islands a bit off the coast one with no trees (51, -42) and one with 7+ trees (197,-184)
    the two closest mainland points I found were in the west (-431, -23) and south (20, 334)
    there is an Ocean Monument near the southern mainland coast at (331, 391)
    and the closest Stronghold is incredibly far west at (-1397, -107) (center of end portal)

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