Witch Hut (and a Witch)

Minecraft Witch Hut Seed

Seed: hatboohoo
Seed Code: 1039997345
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11


Try this seed out if you’re looking to find a witch hut without having to look far. From the game spawn point the witch and his or her outpost is visible (and very close). When the world renders you’ll be on the shore of what must be some awful smelling water. Regardless, if it’s a witch you’re after, there’s one right in front of you. When we checked it out there was a witch there but unfortunately nothing in the cauldron. At the very least you can grab the crafting table. The area the witch hut is in isn’t especially swampy.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Squid by the Witch Hut
The squid in the area seem to be fans of the witch.

Inside the Witch Hut
Inside there’s an empty cauldron, crafting table, and witch.
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