High Altitude Mountain Farming Village

Minecraft Village Seed

Seed: glowjar
Seed Code: 121707886
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11


Here’s an interesting technique for NPC villagers: high altitude mountain farming. We haven’t seen this in too many village seeds. In this Minecraft seed the village by spawn is embedded into (and raised up by) a mountain (extreme hill). Exploring the cool village we noticed that some of the farm areas were raised. At least we thought they were. That was until we went to the top of the extreme hill and saw the topmost farming area. It is at the very top of the mountain! Beyond the villager’s strange farming setup, you’ll also find a blacksmith in the village with some gold, an iron pick, iron boots and an iron sword.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Minecraft Farming Village from Ground
The Minecraft Farming Village as seen from ground level.

Village Blacksmith Chest
The farming village in the seed has a blacksmith with decent loot.
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