1.14 Java – Two Villages under Pillager Threat

Minecraft Pillager Outpost Seed

Seed Code:345532883
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.14


This seed for Minecraft 1.14 (or higher) spawns within view of a pillager outpost and a desert village. It’ll be interesting to see if/when the pillagers head over to do their… pillaging.

The desert village has a stable and is close to where a desert biome is transitioning into a slab of savanna. Heading in that direction we found another village, actually easily visible from the first. That second village is a savanna village. If the pillagers make their way to the closer village, it’s inevitable they’ll migrate over to this one, too.

Find any good features? Post them in the comments with coordinates!


Desert Village Relative to Pillager Outpost
This is taken hovering above spawn. You can see the village relative to the pillager outpost.
Desert Village, Savanna VillageQ
In the desert village looking toward the savanna village.
Savanna Village - Minecraft Seed
The savanna village that is just past the desert village in this seed for 1.14+.
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15 Replies to “1.14 Java – Two Villages under Pillager Threat”

  1. Holy carp! Awesome seed. Abandoned mine @ -167 33 252, just outside the desert village! Minecart with rail loot. Ravine in the middle of the desert village! 5 stars for survival, village and pillage type activity. Going to be my new main squeeze.

  2. Fantastic find!
    Near the spawn are also a Desert Temple (-644 66 113) and a Shipwreck (-475 65 67)

  3. Great seed! There’s also a zombie dungeon tucked away in the ravine below the desert village. No digging required 😀

  4. There’s also a silverfish dungeon underground connected to the mineshaft.
    X: -213
    Y: 33
    Z: 364

  5. hey, the stronghold is really close to spawn point. literally next to the stronghold there are two more villages, a pillager post and a desert temple. sorry for not having the coordinates, you just need to cross a small sea.
    pd: if you take all of this into consideration, this is a crazy seed

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