Large Coral Reef with 2 Shipwrecks off Island [Java Seed]

Minecraft Coral Reef Seed

Seed Code:2103905741
Minecraft:PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On:Minecraft 1.14


In this Minecraft 1.14 seed you spawn on a small island that is very inhabitable. The island has a small patch of plains, beach (big surprise) and a good amount of harvestable wood, too. Offshore there’s a large coral reef biome (possibly two coral reef biomes strung together).

As you explore the coral reef you’ll likely head to the shipwreck that is visible from spawn. From that first shipwreck you’ll see a second one that is nearby. The coral reef itself is beautiful and there’s got to be more to it than pretty coral. Let us know what you find in the comments (coordinates always recommended)!


Minecraft Shipwreck Seed
Two shipwrecks are off the shore of a neighboring island in the coral reef biome.
Spawn Island
The spawn end of the island is beach and plains, the opposite end has plenty of wood.
User Rating 4.05 (21 votes)

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9 Replies to “Large Coral Reef with 2 Shipwrecks off Island [Java Seed]”

  1. Actually, there is 3 shipwreks! There is also one partly in water and in the sand at the main island, just outside where the trees are. Very easy to spot if you go there. And boy how happy I was to find sheeps at the back of the highest island, along with 2 cows and a chicken. Love this seed!

  2. Thanks for the seed! And like Lisbeth said, there is 3 shipwrecks. There’s also a ruin, on the water, near 90 -375; and an abandoned mineshaft close, near 35 -135. And if you dig a little bit west from the trees located in the center of the main island, you’ll find a ravine to get some resources.

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