Aquatic Ocean Ruin and Monument near Island Spawn

Minecraft Ocean Ruin Seed

Seed: cheatstick
Seed Code: -2017196131
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13


If you’re hunting for new Update Aquatic features in Java Edition, we’ve got some great ocean to explore. From the island spawn point you can see an ocean monument in the ocean biome. Swimming out you’ll see plenty of tropical fish. Of course, the ocean monument isn’t new, but there are plenty of new undersea wonders. One that caught our eye is an ocean ruin. In this seed you’ll find it close to the ocean monument. To make things a bit easier to come by the coordinates of each are below. Beyond these two features there’s no shortage of ocean dwellers including the new mob, the Drowned.


  • Ocean Monument: 240, , 16
  • Ocean Ruin: 304, ,64

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Island Spawn - Ocean Monument in View
Fro the island spawn point the ocean monument is in view.

Ocean Ruin in this Java Edition Seed
The ocean ruin isn’t far from the ocean monument.
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