Above Ground Ocean Ruin at Spawn

Minecraft Ocean Ruin Seed

Seed Code: 655646328
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13


Spawn by an above ground ocean ruin in this cool seed for Minecraft 1.13 or higher (Java Edition). Definitely one we’re adding to our best Minecraft Seeds list. The first time we tried this seed we spawned right beside the ruins. The second time we were atop the hill beside them and had to look over the edge to see it. Either way, when you get to the ruin check out the ground opening beside it. We popped in and found a drowned in a single block of water. He seemed pretty confused. We explored further and found that after about 25 blocks or so you’re in an underground ravine. The walls were coated with coal and some iron was also present. There’s no light in there, so you’ll need some torches if you go spelunking.


  • Ocean Ruin: 112, ,16

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Spawn Above the Ocean Ruin
You may spawn beside the ocean ruin or over the hill above it.
Underground Ravine Coal Iron
The cave leads to an underground ravine with surface iron and coal.

Drowned? In a single block of water? That’s what we found…
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4 Replies to “Above Ground Ocean Ruin at Spawn”

  1. Lenny, you’re right, about the shipwreck. It’s easy to find because there are masts sticking out of the water. If you continue past that, near a sandbar island, you’ll find a shipwreck that I initially thought was a floating ship! I later found out that the area below deck is underwater, but if you’re like me and don’t have the ability to survive underwater for long periods yet, this one is easy peasy. Jump down and loot the three chests, and you’ll get some nice treasure, including a treasure map. Follow that to the buried chest and you’ll have your Heart of the Sea. Also I should mention that I dug straight through the mountain in back of the ocean ruins at the part the where the stone bricks are, and I tunneled through the mountain to the valley behind, and created a base. In there I stair-stepped down, bypassing the ravine I was digging toward, and maybe ten levels before bedrock, I hit the largest, multi-level abandoned mine I’ve ever seen. It’s huge, and was VERY difficult to dig past without hitting it…but after spending a good amount of time in there, I found several chests, and at least two spawns…one skeletons, and one Cave Spiders (some milk would be nice, as these spiders poisoned me over and over before I wiped them out!). This is an awesome seed!

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