Free-Floating Ghost Shipwreck Minecraft Seed (Java)

Minecraft Shipwreck Seed

Seed: laststar
Seed Code: -1458479640
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13.1


We like all Minecraft Seeds, but the ones we love are those with rare spawn features. Here’s a rare Minecraft Shipwreck Seed find: a shipwreck that isn’t attached to the ocean floor or to any other landmass. We decided to call it a ghost ship, which isn’t a Minecraft thing, but it sounds cool! To check it out fire up Minecraft (this is a Java seed for the Update Aquatic) and use the seed ‘laststar’ (one word, no quotes of course) or the seed number which is -1458479640. When the world appears you’ll be on a small one-tree island. Right offshore (very close) you’ll see the ghost ship. Our only wish is that the entire hull was intact. Anyone have a lead on one like that?

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Minecraft Seed - Ghost Ship
The ghost ship off the ‘coast’ of the tiny spawn island.

Minecraft Seed - Shipwreck - Free Floating
Minecraft Seed – Shipwreck – Free Floating
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5 Replies to “Free-Floating Ghost Shipwreck Minecraft Seed (Java)”

  1. XYZ: 645 // 64 // 747
    Mushroom fields biome, lots of mooshroom cows! It also happens to be connected to an ice spike biome

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