Double-depth Ravine outside Spawn Village

Minecraft Ravine Seed

Seed Code: -1432328570
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13


I don’t think we’ve ever found a double-stage ravine before this one. We fired up Minecraft 1.13 and put in the seed OHSOSUPER (number -14323285700. From the starting point there’s a village that is nearby. On the far edge of the village you’ll see the opening in the ground and two single block wide land bridges over the ravine. Inside the ravine things look pretty standard at a glance. There’s lava flowing from the interior walls, waterfalls spouting out of the rock and plenty of surface coal and iron. When you go inside, take a look at where the lava flows meet the ground. In two places they break through and continue downward. If you follow them to their floor you’re at double-depth. The underground ravine is larger than the one exposed to the ground, too.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Ravine from Village
The ravine begins at the far side of the spawn village.

Lava Breaking Through to 2nd Layer
A lavaflow breaking through to an underground ravine below.
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