Village and Ocean Monument

Minecraft Village Seed

Seed Code: -1066099798
Platform: Minecraft PC/Mac (Java)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.11


This seed gives you quick access to both a village with a blacksmith as well as an ocean monument. Both are visible from the game spawn point. From the game starting point, the village is to the north. The village has a blacksmith that holds some nice iron rewards. For starters, you can armor up with an iron chestplate, leggings and boots and grab the two iron swords. The remaining items are food which include bread and apples. The ocean monument in this seed is west of spawn and clearly visible offshore. Crafting a boat to paddle out there won’t be much of a chore as there are plenty of trees on land.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Blacksmith Village Iron Armor
The blacksmith villager’s chest has iron armor and some food items.
Village Seed for Mac/PC Minecraft
This Minecraft village seed for PC/Mac also has an ocean monument offshore.

Ocean Monument
The ocean monument is just offshore the spawn point.
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