Desert Temple/Pyramid Seed for 1.13+

Minecraft Pyramid Seed

Seed Code: 65861355
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13


Spawn standing next to a lootfest in this Minecraft Pyramid Seed for Minecraft 1.13+. The seed you’ll want to enter when starting Minecraft is ‘EETAX’. When the world renders spin around and you’ll see the temple is right beside the game spawn point. When we cased the chests in the basement we found a pretty wide variety of items including diamonds, enchanted books, gold, diamond horse armor and more. If you’ve got a use for heaps of rotten flesh there’s plenty of that, too. For Java Edition 1.13 and higher.

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

Pyramid/Temple Chest Loot
The contents of the four chests in the Pyramid/Temple.

Desert Temple/Pyramid
The view from atop the Pyramid.
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5 Replies to “Desert Temple/Pyramid Seed for 1.13+”

  1. If you keep digging after you find the chests of the temple you’ll eventually find a huge ravine and within it a mineshaft you’ll find tons of coal, iron some gold and lapiz lazuli too and if you explore it well enough even diamonds. So it was a super cool seed to start with 🙂

  2. Fantastic Sead, There is even a desert village very near 191/169 and a big sea for the new 1.13 Content. Below the starting area there is lots of great stuff!

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