Lonely Lava Lit Mountain Seed

Minecraft Mountain Seed

Seed Code: -123459888
Platform: PC/Mac (Minecraft Java Edition)
Tested On: Minecraft 1.13


Find a bit of mathematically generated mountain seed beauty in this 1.13+ seed. A lot of people like seeds where there’s generated structures, like Villages, Mansions or Shipwrecks kicking around the game spawn point. There’s a smaller set of Minecraft players who appreciate the game’s ability to generate beautiful landscapes–and they could do without the villages and whatnot littering up the beauty. This seed is for that second type of Minecraft player. This seed spawns just south of a beautiful mountain that is lit by lava flows at night. On its far side there’s an entrance to a ravine that has plenty of iron and coal. Looking beyond the mountain the rocky terrain gives way to plains and tree-rich biomes. What you won’t find are any of those generated structures (at least close to spawn). For Minecraft 1.13+

Minecraft Seed Screenshots

North of Game spawn point
The mountain (looking north from the game spawn point).
Lava-Lit Mountain
The lava lit mountain at night.
Ravine Entrance
The entrance to the ravine is on the far side of the mountain (x:-92 y:73 z:-188).

Seed Biomes
Biomes beyond the mountain in this seed.
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